Divide, merge, and protect your files


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FileFriend is a little tool that helps you cut up large files into smaller ones and lock documents you want kept secret with a password.

This program has a simple interface that includes search bar where you can add the file you want to divide up or protect. It's very easy to use since each action has its own tab: divide, merge, encrypt, and hide documents in JPEG.

FileFriend will make sure that no one gets access to your information. It always divides files into two, four, or eight parts and allows you to merge them again if you wish. However, you won't be able to view them when they're broken up.

The protect function allows you to encrypt documents, folders, images, and any other file type in two ways: selecting a password or using another file as a key. You can save the documents wherever you want.

The most interesting tab is the JPEG Secrets file, which allows you to embed a folder or document in an image, which will be protected by a password. The document can only be extracted if you have the key.
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